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Things to Look for in an Expert Witness

I know what you’re thinking, what are economic damages? Economic damages are compensation given to a person due to losses occurred in line of work. These include lost earnings, medical expenses, lost business opportunity due to injuries and repairing cost on damaged property. In most cases it comprise of personal injuries and hospital bills and medication cost. However many case like this require testimony of an expert witness who will help you to measure the damages. In this article will discuss on personal qualities to consider when choosing an expert witness.

When hiring an expert witness, you ought to look for a person that you’re sure will win your case. The expert education and level of experience matters a lot but also personal qualities play a major role in making sure the judge believes their opinion. One thing to look for is the confidence of the expert witness. Expert witness has to face the judge and the jury and give reason to why their clients need justice. A confident expert will believe in what they are about to present and convince the judge or jury to see it in their perspective. It’s likely that an expert who is not confident may not be believed and may end up losing even though their clients are innocent.

An expert witness should have a well based experience. You should always go through the expert resume to know their education background and any relevant honors the expert has attained in the line of their work. An expert witness with an experience of public speaking or teaching is most likely to represent you strongly in an argument. An expert witness should have gained top level education and be a certified legally to represent in court of justice. You may look on previous case they have handled whether they have a record of losing or winning.

A good expert witness should be able to improvise. Sometimes in court you may be asked questions that you are not expecting. Being able to come up with answers of these unprepared questions proves that yore know legible and not easily persuaded. This goes hand in hand with dedication. A good expert will take time to prepare their report; they will ask for every detail and go through them in order to come up with ways of basing their argument. A good expert should not testify on things that are not on their report if they do the attorneys may use this against them which may lead to dismissal of the case.

You should also look for an expert witness who is consistency in what they say. Much expert witness handles a lot of cases and sometimes may forget some information that is in their report and end up confusing the jury or the judge. This can be used by the attorneys to dismiss your point. Mostly the process of expert witness rotate around three process that is preparing the report, deposition and testifying at court and it’s good to choose an expert witness who is consistent during the whole process

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